Skinship research delivered at Pairings conference – May 2012

The next stage of the sKINship research project was delivered at Stroud International Textiles Pairings Symposium on 5th May 2012. Other speakers at this conference include Helen Storey, Trish Belford, David Gates and Alice Kettle.

‘Pairs of artist/makers will come together to share new technologies and techniques that are unfamiliar and sometimes unlikely to them and their usual creative practices. Some leading names in the world of contemporary crafts will link and pair with lesser known makers to engage and explore; inspire and innovate. From a seed planted at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2010, Pairings II will expand that initial thought process introducing new pairs to work together and create exciting new work. The marriage of materials, practices and creative identities will give birth to work and ideas that redefine the nature of the object and of craft.’

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