SKIN-The Ultimate Interface – London College of Fashion

‘Skin: the ultimate interface’ Conference
Friday 22 April 2016 – 11.00am – 6.00pm
Initiated by Community Dermatology Task Force of the International Society of Dermatology
Hosted by the Well-being Research Hub at London College of Fashion 

Rhian Solomon will be speaking as part of this conference.
‘This symposium aims to challenge our thinking about the skin and its role in determining body image, by asking a range of questions never before considered in a single event.

What is the evolutionary role of skin? How does today’s environment affect it? What is the role of cosmetic science? What are the ethical issues surrounding facial transplants? What is a burn victim’s experience of survival with a replaced but imperfect skin? How can design assist reconstructive surgery?

As part of the London College of Fashion’s Better Lives initiative, SKIN: the ultimate interface will bring together dermatological, surgical and nursing specialists, artists, scientists, designers and patients to present and discuss different perspectives on skin. This unique event promises to be both moving and thought provoking. Above all, it aims to foster new interdisciplinary collaborations that are essential in our pursuit of living better lives.’

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